Taste in the Digital Age: How are Music Streaming Services Shaping the Relationship between Taste, Consumption and Class Identity?

Theorising the Web, New York City, April 27-28th.

The Datafication of Taste: How are Music Streaming Services Shaping the Relationship between Taste, Consumption and Class Identity?

Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology, University of Southampton, May 17th 2018


Learning to Satisfy Your Musical Needs: Competitive Advantage in the Music Streaming Market

Innovation in Music, London, UK, September 6-8th.

Cultural Intermediaries in the Digital Age: The Case of Music Streaming Services

Cultural Mediators in the Digital Age Symposium, London, UK, September 4th

Mass Personalisation? How Spotify Uses ‘Imagined Exclusivity’ to Stand Out in the Crowded Marketplace for Music Streaming

The Place of Music, Loughborough University, UK, June 28-29th.


Web Science MOOC Panel Discussion, November 2016

Interactive session with (Massive Open Online Course) learners discussing some of the challenges facing the Web, including cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and net neutrality. I discuss issues relating to the ownership of music, algorithmic recommendation, and the power structures of the music industry.

Towards a Theoretical Approach for Analysing Music Recommender Systems as Sociotechnical Cultural Intermediaries

8th ACM Conference on Web Science, Hannover, Germany, May 23-25th

Physical Retail In The Digital Age: Why Are Indie Record Shops Still In Business? Q&A Session With Brian J. Hracs For The Disruption And Innovation Festival (DIF) 2016.

In this video, Brian J. Hracs presents on topic of how vinyl retailers are remaining competitive in the digital age. Brian’s talk is followed by a Q&A session between Brian and myself. Brian is a lecturer in Geography at the University of Southampton and his research focusses upon the creative economy and he has a keen interest in the musical economy.

Algorithmic Taste Makers: Reworking the Concept of Cultural Intermediaries for the Digital Age

Theorising the Web Conference, New York, USA, April 15-16th

A Theoretical Approach for Examining Music Recommender Systems as Sociotechnical Cultural Intermediaries

British Sociological Association (BSA) Annual Conference, Birmingham, UK, April 6-8th.


‘Building Worker Die, Building Worker Die!’: Musical Militant Particularism and Anti-Gentrification Protest in Kreuzberg, Berlin

IASPM Songs of Social Protest Conference, Limerick, IE, April 29th-May 1st.

From the Streets to the Screen: The Importance of Offline Spatial Experience to the Online Distribution of Rap Music on YouTube in the UK

Royal Musical Association (RMA) Research Student Conference, Bristol, UKnull